Run, November 21

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

By Nick Andersen

——–at least at first glance
——–[a kind of mid-jog Doppler-effect style appraisal]
and her bright blue jumpsuit might have turned me off right quick


her hair
——–the mound of it
——–the expanse of it
——–the vertical space into which it so gracefully protruded
I remembered her hair above all else

So when I saw the cat
——–peering coyly out from the underside of a nettle bush
I couldn’t help but wonder why that cat hadn’t run for office

He certainly looked
——–able to process complicated policy initiatives in one fell swoop
and it WAS November, after all

which made me wonder:
if that cat
had that woman’s hair
——–or vice versa

we’d have our first female president
and she’d be black, too


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